Recognized since 1820 for the pleasant effects of its "thermal" water, Mondorf-les-Bains is the ideal place for relaxation and wellness. Taking profit from a relatively agreeable climate, Mondorf offers you hostels like style hotels or modern hotels or even family mansions. No matter if you are a curist, a sportsman or simply a tourist, you are rapidly going to discover here that everything is designed for your well being. The health resort featuring "thermal" baths and pools plus the beauty centre open for anybody will tend to maximize your relaxation. The natural park of 50 ha, the exterior swimming pool, the fitness club will look after your form or shape. Finally, the famous casino, the restaurants and the cultural and sporting events allow you to appreciate accurately the words "relax and well-being".



The St. Michel church, erected in 1764-1766 on initiative of priest Nic. Ungeschick, with the support of the abbey of Echternach and having Louis XV furniture. The latter were created by the local sculptor Jean-Pierre decker who worked and lives in Mondorf.

The community centre, the school, all in the same building, located in the "avenue des villes jumelées", built in 1957, the scholar part of the building was enlarged in 1978 as well as in 1994.

La mairie

The Centre Technique et d'intervention, situated 16, route de Luxembourg, hosts since 1991 the technical services of the municipality, the fire-fighters of Mondorf-Altwies, the secouristes' section and the music hall of the Fanfare Mondorf-Altwies.

The ancient community centre, situated rue du Moulin, built before 1850, lent to A.P.E.M.H.

The Centre Sportif "Roll delles", inaugurated on Mars 6, 1998.

Centre Sportif Roll delles

Centre Sportif Rol delles

Cristal Mondorf, founded on April 1,1927 by the industrial Nicolas Beissel in order to exploit the mineral water of the "Kléngelbour" and to sell it under this label. On September 29, 1991 the municipality purchased the source which now a days provides the hole region with drinking water.

Source Cristal Mondorf

The synagogue, erected in 1899, situated rue du Moulin, belongs to the municipality since 1995.

La synagogue

The “Palace Hotel”, opened in 1927, purchased by the State in 1948, destroyed on January 20, 1988 during the constructions of the new Domaine Thermal. In 1945, ce building was transformed by the Americans and served as a jail from May to August for the highest Nazi dignitaries, jugged then et the treaty of Nuremberg.

The Domaine Thermal host a health resort, a medical laboratory, a sports and leisure club and a hotel. The drills for different springs took place in 1841, in 1913 and in 1979.
These sources serve the health resort with mineral water, its output of water is at 24 degrees Celsius. The ancient Thermes, dating from 1923, are at to be transformed and will contain a new (banqueting) hall, a "conviviality" hall, a bistro with a terrace and a reception hall.

The Park of Mondorf consists of a huge area (50 ha) composed of a tree massif, plants, flowered "parterres", lawns, the rosary, and hosts the pavilion of the source "Kind" with artistic exhibitions, the "Waasserhaus" and the Orangerie.

The Casino 2000, opened in 1983, featuring french and American roulette, black jack, slot machines and offering weekly attraction programs. The new (banqueting) hall ideal for conferences (up to 650 places) offers the possibility for famous people to perform in front of an audience. During the summer weeks, many events and horse races take place here.

Casino 2000

The John Grun Monument, situated rue J. Grun, erected in order to immortalize the most famous inhabitant of Mondorf. Born on August 27, 1868, John Grun was an exceptional athlete. This monument was created by P. Thorn and realized under professor Donzalli of Esch-sur-Alzette. The bronze relief representing J. Grun was drawn by the Luxembourg artist J. Mich. Inaugurated on June 25, 1920, the monument was moved three times around Mondorf before settling at the present location.

Monument John Grün
Monument John Grün